Use of Organic Palm Oil Shortening

Health Benefits & Extensive

The term ‘shortening’ is used for any fat that is in solid form at room temperature. Many of the organic shortening products are widely used in bakery and confectionery industries. Palm oil is one of the most popular dietary oils in the world, which is traditionally used for baking, deep fat frying, making margarines and shortenings. Palm shortening is the extract of palm oil that is collected from fresh palm fruits. After the extraction, it is not needed to refine or filter the extract to get the final product. This is a healthy substitute for different fat products and is present in food items like pastries, cookies and chocolates.

Palm oil, in its natural state, is the mixture of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids. Most of the unsaturated fats in palm oil are in monounsaturated forms. Palm oil shortening is the form of palm oil, where some of the unsaturated fatty acids are removed to obtain a firm texture and higher melting point. The melting point of this organic substance is around 97° F, which makes it more stable than any other similar product. The products are neither hydrogenised, nor contain any trans fat. Thus, they are much healthier and do not cause any rancidity when used for deep frying or baking foods. This product is colourless and odourless, thereby ensuring no interference with the original texture and flavour of the food. This is traditionally recognised as pure and healthy organic product that is ideal for regular consumption.

Organic palm oil shortening has extensive uses in many aspects of food industry. This is a wonder product for deep frying and baking of different food items. As it is devoid of any characteristic colour or odour, this organic product is widely used for preparing the dishes, where natural flavour has to be maintained. It is easy to add artificial colours and flavours to the foods cooked in this particular organic fat for getting desired texture of the food item. Palm oil is one of the highest consumed edible oils in the world and is traditionally used for preparing baked and fried foods. Among the fried food items, deep fried appetizers and starters are prepared using palm oil shortenings. Also, margarines are made from the same organic product. Owing to its high melting point, this organic item is unable to undergo easy hydrogenation. This is the most beneficial aspect of the product as it helps in maintaining the solid texture through a wide range of temperature. This organic product is also used for making other food items, like cake mixes, instant noodles, breakfast bars, crackers, potato chips and various snack-items. Many of the restaurants use the same for cooking to maintain high quality for health.

Palm oil shortenings are cheaper in price, easily available and are found in abundance in any place of the world. The product is manufactured in various tropical farms, which maintain the ecological conditions and follow other social criteria and technical guidelines in order to run the production in eco-friendly way. This contains healthy fats and no trans fat, which are harmless and do not cause obesity or higher cholesterol levels among the consumers. Many of the fitness conscious individuals prefer using this organic shortening for the healthy benefits it provides.