The wide-range uses of

Tapioca Maltodextrin

in cooking

Tapioca maltodextrin can be used as a food additive in order to stabilise substances by bulking them up. It comes from tapioca which is a starch extracted from cassava via a natural enzymatic process. The main benefit of this additive is the fact that it is highly versatile. This is why there is a vast range of tapioca maltodextrin recipes available today.

You will see that usually tapioca maltodextrin substitutes for fat in these recipes. It is beneficial because it bulks up the food into a bigger volume without actually adding any more calories or sugar content. You will see that it is used in a mass array of products; including tapioca maltodextrin caramel, ice cream, cheese, and puddings.

In fact, you will also find that there are lots of tapioca maltodextrin gluten free diets because most of this type of starch can be used as a substitute for gluten in many instances – even those that have derived from barley or wheat.

It is important to be aware of the fact that you will see the product in tapioca maltodextrin powder form. The powder is very fine. A lot of individuals and professional cooks prefer tapioca maltodextrin because it has no taste, no flavour, no smell, and no colour. This means that it does not alter the taste of the food in any shape or form. This is important because a lot of the time you will see that substitutes alter the way a food tastes, and a lot of people do not like it as a result.

One of the most fascinating uses of tapioca maltodextrin has to be when it is implemented in the area of molecular gastronomy. Despite the powder being tasteless, chefs actually utilise it in this instance in order to give a new flavour or texture to a dish they are making.

This is because the starch can actually be used in order to turn some substances into powder form, for example; olive oil, nutella, caramel, or peanut butter. They will then use this powder in a dish they are creating. Many remark that there is a notable difference when they taste the food and as a result this has become a popular cooking process.

It is not a difficult one either. The fat is mixed at a ratio of 60% to 40% of the maltodextrin. It is important that you get the tapioca maltodextrin ratios correct. After this, the substance will need to be put in a blender in order to take the form of a puree. All one needs to do then is to pass this through a sieve and they will be left with the powder they desire. It is as simple as that.

Tapioca maltodextrin is a useful substance to have. As you can see there are many different uses for the product and thus it has become a core cooking addition. You will also be able to find the starch on the internet at a low price and therefore it can aid those cooking on a budget as well. This means that not only do you get more food with fewer calories, but you get food at a lesser cost too.