A fantastic commercial cooking solution

Palm kernel oil

Palm kernel oil benefits are vast, particularly in the area of commercial cooking. But before jumping straight in, one must determine what palm kernel oil actually is. It comes from the kernel of Elaeis Guineensis and is oil that is edible. Originally it was only really recognised in West Africa; however it is now being produced on a greater scope and being used for many reasons. On average there is approximately half a million tonne more of palm kernel oil being produced on an annual basis.

In order to have a better understanding of the oil it is pivotal to bear in mind some key palm kernel oil nutrition facts. The oil is high in saturated fat; nevertheless it is surprisingly completely free of any cholesterol. When cooking with fat based products, such as butter, you usually find that there is a high level of cholesterol. However palm kernel oil nutrition is absent of this. Furthermore, there is a great source of vitamin K in palm kernel. Vitamin K is widely overlooked yet it is essential for healthy bones and blood.

As mentioned earlier; palm kernel oil is a great cooking component for businesses. One of the main reasons for this is because it is very low in cost. It is imperative for companies to keep their costs as low as possible; this is especially true in the current day and age – considering the recession and the economic climate. Nevertheless, the financial gain is not the only benefit.

In addition to this, kernel palm oil remains stable at cooking temperatures that are of a high level. This means that the substance will never be lost no matter what food is being cooked. Furthermore, you need not worry about keeping a watchful eye on every dish.

However, one of the benefits that are certainly a winning point is the fact that it can be stored a lot longer than its competing products, such as other vegetable oils. This is essential because at the end of the day any owner of any commercial food place needs to ensure their products do not go to waste. This again affects the cost effectiveness of the business as well.

In addition to this, there are various types of palm kernel oil and these also aid with commercial cooking. Fractionated palm kernel oil is highly beneficial when coating products, such as candy, because it ensures that the coating does not melt easily. This is great when creating deserts or candy based products because they can be stored and need not be used instantly. This helps with productivity levels.

In addition to this, there is also hydrogenated palm kernel oil. The process of hydrogenation makes the oil more stable. It is used in a huge selection of goods, with baked foods and baby food being popular choices. Chefs prefer this because it possesses a lower level of trans fats in comparison to other hydrogenated oils.